What does a garage door cable do?

If you own a garage then you’ve probably noticed the garage door has some cables that run on the sides of the garage door. What do they do exactly and why are they there? Those are very good questions and they deserve a straight forward answer.

The short answer would be, it helps to balance the garage door as the springs counter the weight for the garage door keeping it balanced. So what happens if your garage door cables malfunction? There’s a number of things that could go wrong when you are dealing with your garage door. One of the most common issues we run into is the garage door cables snapping and causing the door to come off of it’s track.

Of course, we offer repair services if you ever run into this issue so don’t hesitate to call. The main issue with the garage door when your cables break is that the balance is off. The garage door can no longer sit properly on the tracks because the cables are a kind of guide for your garage door. You wouldn’t want a blind man leading you in the jungle and you wouldn’t want a broken garage door cable to lead your garage door. It will lead to more serious issues.

Your garage door coming off of it’s track is a huge security issue. Leaving your home exposed to anyone who might consider breaking and entering. We have special emergency response available if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, so again don’t hesitate to call us.

Aside from security, the safety of those around you could be compromised if your garage door isn’t working properly. The garage door could cause the other side of the cable to snap because of the pressure being applied to it. This can cause some serious injuries so dealing with it on your own is a huge risk.

This is essentially what garage door cables do and what you can do if something ever goes wrong with your garage door cables.